Issues with a Theft Conviction on Your Record


Other than a sex offense misdemeanor, it could be fair to say that a theft misdemeanor is the number one conviction keeping you from getting that job you want. This is because theft usually involves an act of dishonesty. Most employers are looking for someone who can be trusted with money and who are honest about what their skills are prior to taking a position within their company. Generally speaking, employers tend not to trust or want to hire, someone with a theft conviction on their record. Yes, you are still able to get some form of a job with a theft conviction; it just significantly limits your ability to get the job you want. This is because someone with even a domestic assault or assault on a peace officer may jump you on the “employability” list. Domestic assault and assault on a peace officer are crimes involving anger management, not crimes of dishonesty. Employers tend to work with someone with a feisty past rather than someone who cannot be trusted.

If you are charged with any level of theft, it is a very wise idea to contact a theft defense attorney so that the charge, at the very least, can be expunged from your criminal record in the near future. This may not always be possible but you should at least contact a lawyer to see if it can be expunged off your record. In other words, if you are charged with theft and go into court and just plead guilty, the theft charge will remain on your record. Once you plead guilty, it is too late to simply reverse your guilty plea. As I have previously mentioned in my prior blogs, I cannot emphasize how many calls I get from people who have recently plead guilty to a theft charge because it was just a small fine to have the matter resolved. These people then explain to me how they cannot get a job and what I can do to reverse the conviction. In these situations, a very high majority of the time I tell them there is nothing I can do for them since they have already pled guilty.

You should do it right the first time and contact a theft defense attorney to weigh your options before you decide to just plead guilty. Do not hesitate to contact the Feld Law Firm, a defense lawyer would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your theft charge.